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The Multidimensional Aspects of Asian Politics. From History through the Present to the Future

edited by Joanna Marszałek-Kawa
The Multidimensional Aspects of Asian Politics. From History through the Present to the Future


ISBN: 978-83-66220-54-6
Published: 2018
Extent: 256


This volume, entitled The Multidimensional Aspects of Asian Politics. From History through the Present to the Future is yet another part of the debate on the problems of contemporary Asia in the reputed Asia-Pacific Library series. We are aware that this publication does not offer a complete overview of complex problems in the sphere of international political and economic relations and security policy. The papers included in the book have been written both by recognized scholars and by young researchers, who have just started an exciting adventure with science. They represent various research centres from Poland and abroad. In their studies, they ask a number of important and topical questions. They also undertake to present problems from the field of contemporary international political relations, which were divided into three basic parts. In the first section of the book, the authors focused on the analysis of relations between states and security policy issues in the economic and social context, paying attention to terrorist threats as well. The second part of the publication concerns the condition of modern media and the right to education. The last section deals with issues such as Byzantine Policy towards Armenian Uprisings in Persarmenia and Carving up the Subcontinent: The Analysis of the Depictions of the Partition of Indian Scorching Winds (1973) and Earth (1998).

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