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 Dear Guests

We inform that the registration of participants for the 6th International Asian Congress is active only until April 20th 2019!
The organisers encourage the participants of the Congress to forward proposals of their own, open and closed, subject panels.
Contact: Natalia Gburzyńska, e-mail:
Speeches may be delivered in Polish, English or Russian.
We would like to warmly invite scholars, researchers, experts, practitioners and business people interested in the following issues of panels:
- The New Silk Road as an economic and political initiative;
- The comparison of the geopolitical potential of Asian states;
- The relations between the US and Asian states in the 21st century;
- The relations between the European Union and Asian states;
- Asian and Pacific states as superpowers;
- The economic development of Asia;
- The global economic crisis in Asian states;
- Economic policy in Asian states;
- Economic cooperation between Asia and Europe, and the experience of their joint projects;
- Building trade relations with partners from Asian states;
- The expansion of Asian states into the global market;
- Asian diplomacy;
- The internal security of Asian states;
- Local administration and government in Asian states;
- Mass-media in Asian states;
- The issue of human rights from the Asian perspective;
- The system of values in Asian states - tradition vs. modern thinking;
- Tradition and modern thinking in Asia;
- Social problems in Asia;
- Religions in Asia;
- The politics of memory;
- The constitutional systems of Asian states;
- Culture and education;
- Security architecture;
- Political systems;
- Party systems;
- Political leadership in Asian states.


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