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About the International Asian Congress

The Congress is organised by the Asia-Pacific Society and the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń in cooperation with the Kuiavian-Pomeranian Province Marshal’s Office, the Municipal Council of Toruń, and the Business Support Centre in Toruń. The previous four editions and the seven earlier Asian conferences were a big international scientific and organisational success.

Every year our event attracts hundreds of scholars, researchers, experts and entrepreneurs interested in Asian issues and in Poland’s relations with Asian countries at different levels of collaboration. It is a unique meeting attended by specialists in a number of fields, who are all involved in the cooperation between Europe and Asia. It is also an important international event - the participants of the Congress include guests from China, Russia, India, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Azerbaijan, Japan, Pakistan, Vietnam, South Korea, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia, as well as researchers from the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Belarus, and Ukraine. For years, the Congress has also been a significant event in the diplomatic calendar - attracting the ambassadors of China, Russia, India, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, the Philippines, and Japan, or their representatives.

We are glad to inform that we have begun preparations for the 6th International Asian Congress. We want it to become the biggest scientific event in Europe dedicated to broadly defined Asian issues. We expect about 500 participants. The scientific part of the Congress will be held on 16–17 May 2019, while the series of accompanying events will begin starting from 14 May. Continuing the long tradition of scientific conferences about Asia, we would like to encourage you to take part in a lively and interdisciplinary debate which will take place in Toruń!


Gallery of 5th Congress
Gallery of 4th Congress


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