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For authors

Deadline for submission by 30 September 2019.

We invite all participants of the 6th International Asian Congress to send scientific articles to peer-reviewed monographs devoted to Asian topics, which will traditionally be published in the Asia-Pacific Library publishing series. For years it has been disseminating the results of research by Polish scientists specializing in Asian issues and introducing research trends in the countries of the region. Over 100 books published testify to the unquestionable reputation of the Library, its special position in Polish science and the undying interest of the authors.

Deadline for submission by 30 September 2019 (form).

Articles are accepted by the Organizing Committee from the moment they accept participation in the Congress. Proposals that meet the editorial requirements should be sent in an electronic version to the email address:
At this address, please also direct all questions regarding the submission of articles for scientific monographs.

Our website discusses the editorial requirements for articles:

– Polish-language [link],

– English-speaking [link],

– Russian-language [link].


We kindly ask that the authors of the articles pay particular attention to the style of footnotes and the list of literature as well as the requirements for abstracts and key words. We also ask you to strictly adhere to the volume of the article (up to 40,000 characters with spaces for the entire text along with abstract, key words, footnotes and bibliography). The article should also be accompanied by the author's statement about the originality of the work and non-participation in other publishing proceedings and information about the authorship of the chapter.


Participants of the Congress are cordially invited to publish their work: scientific articles, research reports, reports and book reviews  in highly regarded magazines published by Adam Marszałek Publishing House, publishing texts devoted to Asian studies.




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