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We invite all participants of the 4th International Asian Congress to send us
scientific papers, which will be included in monographs dedicated to Asian
issues, published as part of the Asia-Pacific Library series. For years, the
series has disseminated the results of studies conducted by Polish scholars
specialising in Asian problems and introduced its readers to research
trends in the region. More than 100 published books are a proof of the
Library’s reputation, its special position in the Polish science and authors’
constant interest. Papers are accepted by the Organisational Committee
from the moment the participation in the Congress was approved. Please
send your proposals which meet editorial requirements in the electronic
version to: Any questions concerning
papers for scientific monographs should be sent to the same e-mail address.
On our website you can find the editorial requirements for papers written
1. Polish [link]
2. English [link]
3. Russian [link]
We ask the authors of papers to pay particular attention to the style of
footnotes and the list of bibliographic references, and to the requirements
concerning abstracts and keywords. We would like to emphasise that there
is the maximum limit of 40 thousand characters with spaces (for the whole
text, including the abstract, footnotes and bibliography). The authors are
also requested to attach the Copyright Agreement and Authorship
Declaration [download file: Copyright Agreement 2018.doc].

We encourage the participants of the Congress to publish their works -
scientific papers, research reports, and book reviews - in the reputed
journals of Adam Marszałek Publishing House, which focus on Asian
The scientific monographs which include works of the participants of the 4th
International Asian Congress will be published in the first half of the next
year. The results of the debates held in 2016 were described in nine
volumes written in Polish and in two volumes published in English. The
subjects covered included studies of Chinese politics and economy,
Japanese studies, Middle East studies, studies of the post-Soviet area, and
Turkish politics, as well as the political, legal, social, economic and cultural
challenges of contemporary Asia, and the issues of regional security.
Below we present the scientific monographs that were the outcome of the
1st, 2nd and 3rd International Asian Congress and the seven Asian
Conferences which preceded it.
3rd International Asian Congress
1st International Asian Congress
7th International Asian Conference
Asia in the 21st Century: Challenges, Dilemmas, Prospects
6th International Asian Conference
Dilemmas of Contemporary Asia
5th International Asian Conference
Does the 21st Century Belong to Asia?
4th International Asian Conference
Contemporary Asia. Politics, Security, Economy and Culture
3rd International Asian Conference
Civilisation, Cultural, Political-Legal and Economic Aspects
2nd International Asian Conference
Civilisation, Cultural, Political-Legal and Economic Aspects
1st International Asian Conference
Asia - Politics, Economy, Political Systems
2nd International Asian Congress