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Kuiavian-Pomeranian Province and Marshal Piotr Całbecki

Barbara Budrich Publishers
Barbara Budrich Publishers is a Germany-based academic publishing
company with international distribution and offices in the UK and Canada.
Founded in 2004, the independent publishing house publishes some 120
books per year and 20 academic journals.
Barbara Budrich Publishers' list of educational and social science
publications in English and German represents-among others-the fields of
Politics, Educational Science (Pedagogy), Gender Studies , Social Work and
Public Policy, as well as Sociology .
Barbara Budrich Publishers offer publishing opportunities to young as well
as experienced academics. And thus offer high standard literature for
research and teaching in Politics, Pedagogy and the Social Sciences. We are
the official publisher for the German Society for Educational Science
(DGfE), cooperate closely with European International Studies Association
(EISA), and International Political Science Association (IPSA) among others.
Text books for Politics, Social Sciences and Pedagogy. Barbara Budrich
Publishers publishes text and course books for Politics, Social Sciences and
Pedagogy. The volumes of “The World of Political Science-development of the
discipline” book series, for example, all make excellent course material.
A Prominent Stage for Politics, Social Sciences and Pedagogy. Our vision
sustains offering publishing opportunities to young and senior academics.
Thus, we are able to offer high standard monographs and anthologies for
our relevant academic fields.
The European Publisher from Europe with an International Book List.
Albeit an academic publisher based in Germany, we are convinced that our
academic fields need to converse internationally. Our main emphasis lies
on quality, regardless from whence authors and publications may come.
Therefore, our book list comprises many English language titles as well as
German books.
The Broader Public. Furthermore, Barbara Budrich Publishers strive for a
broader public to participate in the discussions that dominate our academic
fields-very many subjects invite a more general interest. Similarly, we hope
to build bridges between the “ivory tower” and the “non-academics”, and
offer books that help translate academic ideas into an everyday practice.
Scholarly Journals. Whilst many of our academic journals are in German,
we publish a number of international academic journals in English: ERIS
(European Review of International Studies), IJAR (International Journal of
Action Research), IJREE (International Journal of Extended Education),
INSEP (Journal of the International Network on Sexual Ethics and Politics),
PCS (Politics, Culture and Socialization).

International Political Science Association

IPSA was founded in Paris in 1949 under the aegis of the United Nations
Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).

The special mandate of IPSA, expressed in its Constitution, is to support the
development of political science in all parts of the world, building academic
networks linking East and West, North and South. Its aim is to create an
inclusive and global political science community in which all can
participate. It seeks to promote collaboration between scholars in emerging
and established democracies and to support the academic freedoms needed
for the social sciences to flourish.

The activities and policies of IPSA reflect its global mission. It has been
highly successful in the encouragement of national political science
associations and today there are over 50 such associations affiliated with
IPSA. IPSA has maintained its links with the United Nations and has
supported the development of other international and regional political
science organizations.

IPSA World Congresses of Political Science are now held every second year,
moving between continents. The participation of scholars from less
developed countries is supported through travel grants and the Global South
Solidarity Fund. IPSA’s research committees offer opportunities for political
scientists working in particular sub-fields of the discipline to associate with
colleagues from around the world. Organizing events between World
Congresses and playing a major role in these Congresses, the research
committees encourage the world-wide pooling of skills and resources by
working both together and in conjunction with specialist sub-groups of
national associations.

IPSA publications, including the lead journal International Political Science
Review, the International Political Science Abstracts, World Political
Science, Participation, and the IPSA Portal, also seek to meet the needs of
political scientists in different parts of the world. As part of IPSA’s global
mission to support and promote political science, it now conducts summer
schools in research methods across the globe, for example, in South
America and South Africa.

IPSA strives to ensure balanced representation in terms of region, gender
and stage of career in all its activities - for example, the creation of a new
research committee must be supported by political scientists from at least
seven different countries and two continents. Conference panels and
roundtables are expected to display similar diversity, with representation
from more than one continent and at least four countries.

By linking scholars from North and South as well as East and West, IPSA
seeks to strengthen the networks that underpin a global political science
community. Such linkages put political science in a stronger position to
contribute to the quality of public deliberation and decision-making as well
as to the understanding of an increasingly interconnected political world.
Ultimately, IPSA supports the role of political science in empowering men
and women to participate more effectively in political life, whether within or
beyond the states in which they live.

“The International Observer”

“The International Observer” (pl. Obserwator Międzynarodowy, is a Polish web portal dedicated to the
matters of international politics, security issues and economics. We publish
both: reliable scientific or expert analysis and reports from the farthest
corners of the globe. Interviews, comments or opinions of renowned
columnists - we believe that dynamic, lively form of a new media will attract
a wider circle of readers, kindling in them a passion for understanding
mechanisms that create the modern world. In order to achieve our goal we
cooperate with academic researchers and experts, as well as journalists
and reporters - regardless of their affiliation and political views.

I invite You to follow our portal!
Tomasz Lachowski, PhD, editor-in-chief